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Cedar City Utah- 4-21-15

Eisenach Arms has been busy as spring bees! We hope to have replenished stock of our black nitride carriers very soon.

For those looking for complete 6.8 & 6.5  complete barreled side charge upper assemblies we will have a few for sale here pretty soon so stay tuned.

Bruce Finnegan's crowd funded 7mm Valkyrie project is coming along nicely. The 7mm Valkyrie AR is a 7mm is a reload only wildcat based off the 6.5x47 lapua parent case and the 270AR wildcat developed by ARP. It uses a proprietary 800 series ARP bolt and barrel extension. PRI 6.8 waffle mags will be the best to use.  Initial testing by Bruce has resulted in factory like 7mm-08 ballistics with 140g projectiles. Further testing in the AR flatform is underway and we will report back. This is an exciting wildcat for the AR platform offering ballistics that will be suitable for all north American game within practical ranges. This is a fun project to follow for us and we have supplied some of the funding founders with special gen II laser marked upper receivers. We will  have (1) laser marked complete side charge upper assembly and sizing die for sale once the after the initial barrel order is made. For more information and to follow the action please visit:

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Cheers, and Happy AR'ing!

Eisenach Arms Inc.


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