AR15 Hunter Field report

Will Chambers reviews a MDWS 277 wolverine built using the Eisenach Side Charger.

"The trip was a success, and the .277WLV really performed well for me in the Wolverine state .  The rifle performed beautifully, and after some use, I was really digging the side charger. At first, I wasn’t quite sure I’d like it. I was worried that dirt, debris, or moisture would enter into the side of the upper, due to the right side being machined out to accommodate for the side charger’s travel path. While I didn’t bust much brush on this trip, I didn’t have any issues with those concerns. What I did find was that the side charger allowed me to load my weapon very quietly. With a standard charging handle, you really need to slingshot the handle when charging the weapon, to ensure the bolt picks up a round and goes fully into battery. If you ride the carrier, you’ll likely experience a jam. With the side charger from Eisenach Arms, you can slowly and quietly push the carrier into battery, without worrying about jams." - Will Chambers AR15HUNTING.COM

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EISENACH ARMS said on June 22, 2016:

We can help build a 277 WLV of your dreams. Please give us shout via email or phone. These comments are not regularly checked. Thank you!

knightewolfe said on June 14, 2016:

Do you offer a .277 WLV upper for sale?

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