A message to our customers, past and present.

We the  Eisenach Bros. have been very busy lately. As we continue to reach into the marketplace we are finding out what people like, and what they want. Our customers want something different, and a side charging AR15 is just that. A paradigm shift in the mechanics of the AR15 is happening and shinning a light on the absurdity of the "MIL-SPEC" AR15 upper. Full of compromises and late add on design features  it is an example of of heavy oversight by men in fine hats declaring they know what is best.

We are nearly ready to set release of our Left Charge right eject upper. Currently on our website is an opportunity to secure your spot for a carrier.  We will have the Receivers listed soon, just a little more work and prototypes needed to finalize the design.

Also of interest is the going to be a .223 wylde 18 sporter profile from our friends in Montana. X-Caliber Barrel is putting out some incredible barrels , on par with any so called match grade offerings in the marketplace.

We are currently Sold out of our Grendel barrel, and will be getting more soon.

For you folks with pre-orders on our carriers we are counting on getting these out soon. Once again we underestimated the demand for our products, and are already halfway sold out on our current batch.

As always we will continue to listen, be attentive to your needs and help in anyway we can. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. Email is best, we can respond when we are able, even if it is 1:00am in the morning!


And as always, we will strive for the excellence in all facets of Eisenach Arms.

-Eisenach Bros.


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