The 5th Season, Hunting.

   For a great many number of Americans the end of summer brings us our 5th season; hunting. Whether our prey is large or small it is a time of great consternation, prepping and execution in the ultimate goal of spending outdoors with our people and wildlife. The ability for me to convey my perceived crystal like mental clarity on this subject is hampered by written word, my skills as a writer fall flat on a subject that is incredibly important to me as a human being on this earth and the human experience of what is hunting. I will attempt to convey my thoughts on this load bearing pillar of human existence.

   Hunting for food is the simple most primal activity sorely missing in today's modern society. The very act of killing a creature has been outsourced, to people whom we've never met and animals from conditions we wish to ignore when we order the big mac. Sure, the big mac fills a small part of that void but it does not satisfy it. Hunting fills a void in our minds and body that tells us to pursue, harvest and ingest our prey animals. These creatures are energy dense and provide a broad range of sustenance our bodies demand. There are dietary components that are found in no other place; fats, proteins, and a dizzying array of elemental compounds help us maintain and rebuild our bodies.  Our brains need and crave this end, the pursuit, the blood, the smells, the whole experience.

   More often than not we choose to spend time with our loved ones in this pursuit; our tribe members. Old, young, friends and family choose to make time and participate in these time honored activities. Old members teach young ones, this primal exchange of information has been occurring for millennia. To be a part of this stream of knowledge is incredible and utterly profound. I believe it is our human duty to pass our hunting traditions down to our tribe members. To not do so would be breaking down of what is a critical support of our existence on this earth.

   Our participation in these primal human pursuits engage us and connect us to our outdoors. We become our own stewards for the land, we engage it, we learn it and help to protect it. Far too often conservation is dictated by men in fine suits and special interests groups whose opinions have no basis in reality. By hunting and protecting our hunting lands we are actively participating in their management and upkeep. This is imperative to preserving our hunting traditions and way of life.

  I sincerely hope you enjoy your 5th season this year, connect with your tribe, experience the outdoors and harvest your creatures of choice.





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