Why Side Charge?

Side Charge AR15 Q&A


Q. Will your Side Charge AR-15 upper receiver fit on my lower receiver?

A. Yes, almost all lower receivers are manufactured per the AR-15 industry standard.


Q. How is your Side Charge AR-15 and Side Charge EA-30 similar to the guns I grew up with?

A. Although different in design, the operation on our side charge upper is similar to the following automatic firearms that have a reciprocating bolt handle, a Ruger 10/22, Mini-14, ak-47, SKS, garand and Nearly every single auto shotgun! Just to name a few! All of these classic automatic firearms have a charge handle on the right side of the receiver.


Q. How is your Side Charge AR-15 safer?

A. Side Charge AR-15’s allow the operator to unload the weapon in a safer manner by having the weapon closer at hand, instead of the outreached arm balancing act offered by the traditional rear top charge handle. For right handed shooters it is a natural movement to hold the rifle with the left hand and unload the weapon via the side charge handle with the right hand. Loading and unloading sequences are very common in a hunting environment with gloves, the large robust handle is far easier to manipulate than the rear handle.


Q. How is your Side Charge AR-15 quieter while hunting?

A. The operator can ride the bolt carrier forward slowly, quietly chambering a round. Please note the operator must unsure the bolt is fully closed and the round chambered. Certain extractors have a hard time clamping on to the rim of the cartridge without letting her “fly home” from an open bolt. Regardless this method is far stealthier than hitting the bolt release!


Q. Can I keep my eye on a target and charge your Side Charge AR-15?

A. Absolutely! This is a major advantage in using a Side Charge AR-15! It allows the shooter to keep his or her eye focused on the target while charging the weapon if needed.


Q. Can my wife or youth charge and hold the bolt open on a Side Charge AR-15?

A. It is much easier to hold the bolt open and push the bolt catch button simultaneously! This is difficult for most men using a standard rear charge handle! For Our Left Charge models the extended bolt release makes locking the bolt back even easier.


Q. I see that your Side Charge AR-15 does not have a forward assist button? Now what?

A. True! It does not have a typical forward assist button. Instead, it has a robust stainless steel handle to engage rounds into or out of the chamber! The forward assist is the direct result of not having a reciprocating handle on the carrier to begin with.


Q. What about a shell deflector? Will empty rounds hit me in the face with a Side Charge AR-15?

A. No! You are safe! The original design of the platform did not include a “shell deflector”. Tuned properly spent brass casing should exit the weapon between 3 and 4 o’clock.


Q. What about a Dust Cover? Will dust and debris foul my weapon?

A. No! You are safe! Contrary to popular belief, It takes a tremendous amount of foreign material in the action to stop an AR15. For the normal enthusiast, range shooter, hunter ect. a dust cover is not needed.


Q. Why does your upper receiver retain the rear top charge handle?

A. Eisenach Arms is committed to the compatibility found in the AR15 and DPMS LR-308 platforms. A standard carrier can be used until the Eisenach Arms side charge carrier can be had. The top charge handle is also retained as a redundant measure or for a left hand tactical charge scenario.





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